Exploring Creative Possibilities with Makey Makey, Scratch, and Art

“Artistic expression knows no boundaries, and today’s technology allows us to push those boundaries even further. One such combination of creative tools includes Makey Makey, Scratch, and art – a powerful trio that opens up a whole new world of possibilities.”

–AI from WordPress.

I am using AI for the first time to write this blog post. I started writing this post back in March, when we had our Open House for parents for our passion projects. Months later, this post continued to sit in my drafts folder. Today, I found and immediately hit the “AI” button in the WordPress block menu to see what would happen. Within 5 seconds it spit out a very thorough explanation of what I was trying to say but didn’t for so long. My mind is blown. So, this post is a collaboration between tech and myself, just like the art project I’m writing about. Read on to learn more.

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Second Grade Explores Fiber Arts


  1. The creative art of making wall hangings, sculpture, etc. out of thread, yarn, rope, etc., often by using multiple techniques for weaving or knotting the materials.
  1. Handcrafted work, as sweaters or comforters, made by knitting, weaving, etc.

Fiber Arts is one of the oldest art forms in human existence. Dating back 100,000 – 500,000 years ago, it was utilized predominantly out of utility, often showcasing skill, decoration, and sometimes status. Fast forward to the 20th century; the art form takes shape as a medium of Fine Art.  

Source: (https://www.rclinearts.com/rcaeditionsblog/fiber-arts-a-brief-history#:~:text=Fiber%20Arts%20is%20one%20of,a%20medium%20of%20Fine%20Art.

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