Get on board with whole school art projects!  They beautify and bring our community together.

I wanted to make a bulletin board this year, a big welcome for the beginning of the year.  My goal was to include all students who attend our school (all 634 of them!).  Last year I had all my students trace their hands on paper and create line designs and patterns on them.  I taught Kindergarten through second grade art, and thought my bulletin board space would hold all hands. I was wrong. The hands were too big, the board too small, so a lot of kids got left out.  This year, I used a much larger space, the bulletin board by the main school entrance.


Even with this plan, I still had to cram the hands together to make flowers. My students helped make the letters, leaves and grass. It was a fantastic way to build community during our first week of school.


I am super happy with the results and am already looking forward to next year’s welcome board.