For this assignment, students were told they needed to make a variety of lines on their paper.  The catch, once their crayon starts making lines, it must not lift off of the paper.  The paper must be filled and the lines need to be varied (no loopy loops over and over again).  This involves planning.

For the watercolor portion, students were asked to experiment with their palette.  We’ve painted for two years using watercolors, but students still have a hard time understanding what they really can do. Either they will make stripes or keep to solid colors.  The amount of paint they go through!  We practiced proper brush care. We also addressed the importance of adding lots of water to the paper and brush to make the watercolors soft.  Then they students were shown how to blend one color into another.  
IMG_6438 IMG_6437

 Oil pastel added at the end give an extra pop to it.


This can also be a good exercise in learning more about positive and negative space.