New Art Room Inspires

I got to move rooms over summer vacation.  This is huge for me.  My former art room was an adventure.  It was dark, crowded, and pretty cluttered.  Co-workers called it the dungeon. My vice-principal, Kelly Tolman, urged me to move into this new space as soon as the paint dried.  I hesitated at first because I would lose being so close to the supply room and the kiln.  The new room is carpeted and I just couldn’t fathom doing anything artistic in such a beautiful space. I teach Kindergarten!

I had to let all that go and take a leap.  And I am so thankful I did.  I love my new space.  It is just a tad bigger than my old room but feels so much bigger.  I have tons of storage space and the best part for me is the amount of natural light. I have big beautiful windows. This makes my heart sing every single day.



I have a few bulletin boards around the school to display student artwork. This freed up the board outside of my room for a big “Welcome” sign.  This board will highlight artists we study throughout the year so everyone in the hall can see what we are learning.


Big wall space just got covered with fuzzy bulletin board material.


I collect postcards of famous artists’ work from each museum I visit.  The students love them, and when we focus on an artist, someone always runs up to the wall to see if they are up here.  I need more of these.  Good excuse to go to more museums and exit through the gift shop.


Lots of storage make it easy to store supplies and provides a good area for displaying vocabulary words, elements of art, and principles of design.  I got the elements and principles from .


I love to read picture books to my little ones and we spend a lot of time  at the carpet. This year, my carpet space is also a good area for a chalk board center, the how-to-draw books, and puzzles.


I took this photo right before my first class on the first day of school. Who can’t resist a brand new box of crayons.  This didn’t last very long. Oh well.

I have so much room I can display items for particular units. I just began a weaving unit with my third graders. One of my coworkers let me borrow Kente weavings from Ghana. The mochilla is from La Guajira, Colombia.  These can stay in one area throughout the unit. img_7828

The chalkboard is coming in handy.  I started painting with kinders yesterday and began my lesson with a chat at the carpet about the basics.


I’ve been lucky enough to have a whiteboard in my room. I can display the plan for the week, examples, and now the focus (in red). This helps keep me focused too.

My next goal:  setting up permanent centers in my room for students as I embark on learning more about TAB (teaching artistic behavior).


Author: Sonia Chapman

I am an art teacher, living in the Middle East, following my passion for art, teaching little children about the finer things in life, and loving every bit of it.

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