I love YouTube.  For many reasons.  I get to watch SNL skits that I wouldn’t get to see here in my land of sand.  I get to workout with trainers for five minutes at a time and turn them off when I’m done.  But, my number one reason for YouTube: free education. 

I found one artist I love on YouTube.  Her post is Nika in Wonderland and her video is here:

I gave this a try one weekend afternoon.

Here is step one:


Tear up all the paper and glue in different spots:


The funnest part!!  Figure out where you want your flowers to go.  Play around with oil pastels or other mediums to create your flowers.


I love how it came out. I love the different layers of texture and color.  It is very vibrant and was super fun to create.  Can’t wait to try more techniques I learn from this artist.