2019 Inktober Challenge

I was wandering around the Internet the other day, don’t know what I was looking for, when all of the sudden, this caught my eye:

inktober challenge.png

And it has been the best time ever!

Every day, complete a drawing based on the prompt.  It should be done in ink and you should post it somewhere so people can see your work (the fridge would work!).

I found this challenge on day 8, so I’ve been chipping away at it. I am so loving this challenge though, and encourage you to join in the fun.  I am learning so much and I am drawing like it’s my job.  The only problems I have is that I am super behind, and well, I AM A SCAREDY CAT WHEN IT COMES TO SHARING MY WORK.

I know, I shouldn’t be.  I am learning, I am learning, I AM LEARNING.  But, it is very hard to look at what other people are producing and not compare.  I’m pretty much off of social media; but, I have a blog, so I can post my progress here.  Right?!

Okay, here goes.  These are out of order because I am working backward or forward depending on the day.  I am trying to catch up.


Ring. I started doing thumbnails of actual rings overlapping, but decided I wanted to draw a tree instead.  Calling this “Broken Heart.”


Mindless.  This came out of nowhere; but I love the concept.


Swing.  So many people have drawn swing dance, but that’s where my mind went too.  Used a cartoon drawing to help me.  This is when I started looking more into hatching to add texture (guy’s shirt, girls hair, shoes).


Frail.  This is when it started getting real for me.  I only used a photo of an emaciated polar bear for reference. The rest was just me sketching along.



Bait. I started getting more in depth. Chose to use colors too because I saw that a woman did this is well. I did India Ink for table top.  I like the perspective and how I drew items going off the paper at different angles.  I like the texture and blueberries in my scone too.


Enchanted.  I really liked drawing the tree trunk for Ring.  Also, my husband and I went to the Redwoods this summer and it was such a powerful experience.  I am enchanted by trees and wanted to experiment with drawing tree bark texture.


Snow.  One of my students had the cutest bunny on her t-shirt. Asked her if I could draw it.  We named the bunny Snow.


Snow.  Part Two.

It got dark for me on this, but also informative.  I wanted to do another political cartoon (seeing a theme emerge), and thought about cocaine.  Then I did some research and found out that London has a huge cocaine problem.  The author was pointing out that the drug comes from the deforestation of rainforests in Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala.  Up to 30% of the forest is being decimated in these countries for coca fields.  Cocaine is a rich person’s drug, and the same people who are doing this drug at parties may be the same who want organic farming practices, vegan diets, etc.  Ahem, climate activists.  The author was pointing out that if we want to save the rainforest, people should stop doing cocaine.


Disclaimer:  I have never done cocaine, and don’t plan on it.  Found the article interesting, provocative, and a link to the prompt.  

I used a photo reference for the credit card and hands.  Used India Ink to make a smudgy glass table top.

These are the first drawings I’ve got.  I don’t think I can post every day, but hope to finish the challenge by the end of the month.  It’s been so fun and I’m learning so much in this drawing challenge. See you at round two.


Author: Sonia Chapman

I am an art teacher, living in the Middle East, following my passion for art, teaching little children about the finer things in life, and loving every bit of it.

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