Stop Motion Studio Fun

This Distance Learning adventure is taking us all to new levels of technology and art integration.  By chance, I found a new toy: the Stop Motion Studio App in the Apple Store.  It’s free, it’s fun, and it’s introducing me to a whole different world.  Just what I need right now.


First, download the app on your device.   It’s called StopMotion Studio, which is free.

stop motion.png

Once you download this app, visit their website to learn more about this app:

The first page is related mainly to the Pro version of the app which costs $4.99.  You do not need to purchase the Pro app unless you want to add more features. You can go to the “Support” page which is located by hitting the tab in the upper right corner (three lines), then hitting the support tab in the menu on the left.

Go on YouTube and research “Stop Motion Studio Tutorials.”

Make a few videos.

If you like the free version and want to add more features to your videos, you can then purchase the StoMotion Studio Pro app for $4.99.  I did this eventually, as I’ve made a few videos and feel I should buy this app to support the people who made it.  For me, it’s a deal.  It provided me hours of entertainment, I’ve been learning and challenged. If you can afford to purchase, please do so to support its creators.

The time required for these videos is really up to you.  This is a very simple program to use, but the possibilities are endless. The following video took me only a few minutes to put together.

You will need a table and some sort of space to make your animation dream come true. Remember: if I can do this, you will have no problem.

Watch different examples of stop motion videos on YouTube and check out some tutorials.  There are too many to chose from.

Here is one I made after seeing paper being crumpled:


Now for the amazing, amazing part.  If you have access to WeVideo (my school has a subscription), you can easily save your photo to your photo roll and pop it into WeVideo to make further modifications, like adding music, transitions, words. It opens this to a new level.

When you are ready, you can save the video to your photo roll:

1) Press the back button to take you to your home screen.

2) Tap on select.

3) Select the movie you want to export.

The movie will now be in your photos. photo.png

Go to your photos. Select your movie.  Select the export button.  It’s in the upper right corner, looks like a square with an arrow going out of it.  You will then see lots of options to send your video to another source.

If you have access to WeVideo, you can import the video very easily. Then you can add title, credits, music, narration, etc.

To add the video to WeVideo, I e-mailed the video to my Gmail account, downloaded it to my desktop, and then imported the video into WeVideo. From there, I added sound effects and titles.

Once you learn how to make these videos, it can become very addicting.  Watch other filmmakers work, gather ideas, resources, and have fun.  Who knows, you may someday have a great career in animation or filmmaking when this is all over.

To find out more, you can check out these sources which were used to create this lesson.

Please let me know if you have used this app and if you played the movie in iMovie.  I haven’t done that but I am curious about how the two work together.

Have fun creating your movies!

Author: Sonia Chapman

I am an art teacher, living in the Middle East, following my passion for art, teaching little children about the finer things in life, and loving every bit of it.

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