Keep Calm and Keep Makin’

I love zentangling and highly recommend YouTube videos on the topic. My latest crush is Sanyukta’s Zentangle. She is amazing, with a very calming voice. After a long day, I just relax right into her videos. I usually watch her work, try it, then try to use some of her teachings in my doodles. Here are a few examples of what I’ve done based on her teachings.

This summer, I also did some tangling while documenting my summer vacation on very small papers. Small enough to make bookmarks. These bookmarks are such a great way for me to remember my summer every night when I read my book.

Since Covid started, I’ve been trying to meditate daily. Sam Harris and his Waking Up app is my go to every morning. I pay for it, so that helps motivate me to stick with it as well. He’s now doing daily reminders. Over summer, he had a very short posting about this idea. I made a small card, and again, keep it close to me as a reminder:

And, lastly, while we were in Corvallis, we shopped a lot at the local Co-Op. Shana Twumbly sells her stickers there and I fell in love with her work. I took her lotus sticker and created a doodle out of it.

Hoping that by posting all of these, it will motivate me to continue to do more as the business of school becomes more manageable. Keep creating!!!

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