Inktober and Resistence

One of my favorite art challenges is Inktober. The goal is to complete one piece of art per day, using ink, and post it to either a social media account, or your refrigerator. Just have it seen by someone other than your inner critic. I like this challenge for the following reasons:

  1. I have to do it. I have to set aside time every day to draw. For whatever reason I don’t do this enough. I seem to find many other things to do all the time, but during this challenge I put all the other stuff aside and draw because I have a deadline.
  2. The challenge has limits. I like art, all kinds of art. If I had room for a pottery wheel and a loom in my studio they would be in my very small space. Do I use the majority of items in my art room? No. But the oodles of supplies are there. Just in case. During October I can only use ink. Parameters help me be creative and focused.

Right before October, I read a book called The War of Art by Stephen Pressfield. It’s a light read, broken up into smaller parts. You can pretty much open it the book at any page and get the same idea. Pressfied really wants you to understand that the only thing that is keeping you from doing the work is resistance. Resistance is everywhere, in all forms. Acknowledge resistance, stop it, and get to work.

After reading about halfway through, I even thought that the book was a form of resistance. Pressfield says the same idea so many times, you can’t help but wonder. I get it. I have lots of resistance in my life. From scrolling through Pinterest, YouTube artist tutorials which happen to turn into SNL skits (only 3 minutes long, I got time!). I spend a lot of time getting ready to do the work, and not so much time actually working. I can blame my inner critic, not having the right supplies, not feeling inspired. Why can’t I just work? No one is going to care either way, right? I have a long way to go, but I can’t get anywhere if I don’t start.

So, here it goes. My Inktober journey for 2021.

First prompt: crystal. I thought of the Dark Crystal movie. Down a wormhole, saw this poster and wanted to copy it. It came out very comic book like with the ink and watercolor. I even did a wash over it to tone it down but it still came out very bright.


I have always loved snorkeling. I got PADI certified when living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and got to explore the Red Sea, but truthfully diving makes me nervous. I’m not very good at staying steady, I float to the surface and can’t get back down. I don’t like all the equipment, everything you need to think about. While diving in Egypt, I watched free divers learn how to dive and thought this may be a better sport for me. I love to swim, and find the challenge of free diving very appealing to learn. One day.

Saw the movie Mad Max: Fury Road. At the same time Texas did what Texas does and well, this drawing was inspired for vessel. If you haven’t seen Fury Road, you will not get the reference.

For knot, I felt super lazy. Did a YouTube tutorial from Ani Flower.

Raven. First attempt by just looking at a photo of a raven. The second one was a turorial on Youtube. I like the first one better.

This is for fan. It is a fan palm plant.

Pressure. For the song, Under Pressure. One of the most amazing songs ever.

Pick. I really wanted to sneak in a sugar skull drawing. I did this with Sharpie markers, gold ink, and watercolors.

Keep chipping away at whatever causes resistance in your life and have fun creating.

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