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First Grade

Self-Portraits Are Eye-Opening

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Stained Glass

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Piet Mondrian’s Magic

Is Piet Mondrian a great artist or what?!  He is everywhere.

I love his work because it makes me think, “I can do that!” but there are so many subtle things associated with his work that makes me rethink him over and over again.  His artwork is perfect for young children: lines, squares, primary colors.  His work also gives a springboard for mixing primary colors and experimenting with lines and shapes. Continue reading “Piet Mondrian’s Magic”

Learning about Value

First Grade is Full of Cool Cats

Before vacation, several large panels of wood were constructed between the elementary wing and main school building.  They are there to block off the latest construction project at our school – a new patio and play structure. They are white and just screaming for someone to paint all over them.  I knew I wanted to create a mural with my students, but I didn’t know how to introduce the concept.

We needed to do a collaborative project.

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First Grade: Friedensreich Hundertwasser

IMG_6584As a beginning art teacher, new to this wonderful world of teaching art to children, I have a lot to learn. Continue reading “First Grade: Friedensreich Hundertwasser”

In the Artroom: First Grade Lines and Color

Doodling, zentangling.  It’s all good because it’s all about the first element of art: line.

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