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Kindergarten and College Entrance Exams

This is probably the hardest lesson I’ve taught for Kindergarten: the snowman.  You think it’s going to be easy, but it turns out this was quite challenging.  Who knew?

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Kindergarten Kids Have Crazy Hair

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Rainbow Fish, Never Give Away Your Sparkles!

For the past four years, I’ve been teaching kinders how to create the Rainbow Fish.  Saw it on the Internet, I’m sure, and thought, “Gee, this looks fun.”  I’ve read all the Rainbow Fish books, including, Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale, Rainbow Fish to the Rescue, etc.  All the Rainbow Fish books, EXCEPT for the first one.  And let me tell you, the story sucks.  Continue reading “Rainbow Fish, Never Give Away Your Sparkles!”

Spring Flowers

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‘Cause Baby You’re a Firework!

The biggest secret in kindergarten art is revealed: watercolors on top of crayon is magic. Continue reading “‘Cause Baby You’re a Firework!”


I did this lesson back in October and have previously posted it under Fall with Kindergarten (last year); however, I think it deserves a revisit. The main thing I did differently on this was a thinking routine.  This routine is “I used to think/Now I think.” Continue reading “Thinking Routines and Spiders”

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Fall with Kindergarten

Yes, I realize I am posting this in May, but I am realizing I haven’t posted anything on this blog for Kinder for almost the entire year, so I am playing catch-up.

Kindergarten keeps me busy.  They work super fast and I see them twice a week, so we are averaging a project a week.  This may be why I don’t post, because it is so hard to keep up.  I am going to consolidate and enter lessons for an entire season.

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In the Artroom: Kindergarten, Rainbows, and Swirls

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