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Spring Flowers

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‘Cause Baby You’re a Firework!

The biggest secret in kindergarten art is revealed: watercolors on top of crayon is magic. Continue reading “‘Cause Baby You’re a Firework!”


I did this lesson back in October and have previously posted it under Fall with Kindergarten (last year); however, I think it deserves a revisit. The main thing I did differently on this was a thinking routine.  This routine is “I used to think/Now I think.” Continue reading “Thinking Routines and Spiders”

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Fall with Kindergarten

Yes, I realize I am posting this in May, but I am realizing I haven’t posted anything on this blog for Kinder for almost the entire year, so I am playing catch-up.

Kindergarten keeps me busy.  They work super fast and I see them twice a week, so we are averaging a project a week.  This may be why I don’t post, because it is so hard to keep up.  I am going to consolidate and enter lessons for an entire season.

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In the Artroom: Kindergarten, Rainbows, and Swirls

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