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Second Grade

Paul Klee’s Cat and Bird

An oldie but a goodie:  Paul Klee’s Cat and Bird.  I’ve seen this on Pinterest and Google a lot as a “must do” art project for students.  Last year I did Paul Klee, but we concentrated on his use of shapes and bold colors to make cityscapes and castles.  This year, we made kitties with birds on their brains.  Continue reading “Paul Klee’s Cat and Bird”


Observational Drawing

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Van Gogh’s Sunflowers

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Keith Haring Inspired Drawings

Printmaking with Markers

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Monsters, Monsters.

I love making monsters.  Monsters are super fun because anything goes with them.  You don’t have to make them look like anything except what you want them to be.  They can have eyes on their fingers, their toes, their stomachs.  They can be pretty or ugly or something in-between.  Sky is the limit and there is no pressure.  Just fun.

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Creating beetles with glue, acrylic paint, and chalk.

Beetles are beautiful. Such brilliant iridescent colors, so many varieties.  You can spend a lot of time drawing different kinds, and even more using different mediums to capture their beauty.  I find them much easier to learn how to draw than butterflies too.  I can never get butterfly wings to look symmetrical.  The great thing about beetles is children love them too! Continue reading “Creating beetles with glue, acrylic paint, and chalk.”

Paul Klee Inspired Cityscapes


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Fall, Pumpkins, and Holidays

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