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Third Grade

Discovering our Inner Sandra Silberzweig

Browsing through Pinterest one day, I found this post:

And I got so excited!  I had never heard of Sandra Silberzweig before.  If you haven’t you are in for a treat. Continue reading “Discovering our Inner Sandra Silberzweig”


Illustrating Stories and Collaboration

Sometimes it gets lonely in the art room.  I am the only one here who does my job.  The positives of being the one art teacher is that I have freedom from planning meetings, common assessments, etc.  Freedom, baby, yeah.

But, there’s a lot to be said for having a team. When things don’t go well you can run next door and ask for advice.  You can share your woes and triumphs because you have a team.  Your peeps.  They understand.  They’ve got your back.  I run down the halls excited about something that went really well.  People nod their heads and say, “That’s great.”  But they really don’t understand.  They don’t know the amount of work it took to get the kids to this point because they are not on my team.  Our experiences are just too different.  Right?!

Continue reading “Illustrating Stories and Collaboration”

Some Perspective on Realistic Drawing

Sometimes, well, most times, kids really surprise me.   Continue reading “Some Perspective on Realistic Drawing”

Georgia O’Keeffe’s Magnified Flowers

The music teacher approached me in January and asked if I would like to collaborate on her music presentation, which would take place in March.  I am all up for working together so I jumped at the opportunity.   Continue reading “Culture and Music for Third Grade”

Third Grade Makes An Art Installation

Okay, I will admit it.  I had ulterior motives when we did this weaving project. Yes, I had a bag of over 500 compact discs I needed to get rid of.  And a blank wall just screaming for art. Continue reading “Third Grade Makes An Art Installation”

Third Grade Explores Weaving

Continue reading “Third Grade Explores Weaving”

Mosaic Madness


Continue reading “Mosaic Madness”

Notan Paper Cutting

Notan is the Japanese design principle of light and dark.  The Yin and Yang symbol is probably the most recognizable example.  Before teaching art, I had never heard of Notan, but thanks to Pinterest and YouTube, I got to learn about it and then got to teach it to my third graders.

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