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Third Grade

Some Perspective on Realistic Drawing

Sometimes, well, most times, kids really surprise me.   Continue reading “Some Perspective on Realistic Drawing”


Georgia O’Keeffe’s Magnified Flowers

The music teacher approached me in January and asked if I would like to collaborate on her music presentation, which would take place in March.  I am all up for working together so I jumped at the opportunity.   Continue reading “Culture and Music for Third Grade”

Third Grade Makes An Art Installation

Okay, I will admit it.  I had ulterior motives when we did this weaving project. Yes, I had a bag of over 500 compact discs I needed to get rid of.  And a blank wall just screaming for art. Continue reading “Third Grade Makes An Art Installation”

Third Grade Explores Weaving

Continue reading “Third Grade Explores Weaving”

Mosaic Madness


Continue reading “Mosaic Madness”

Notan Paper Cutting

Notan is the Japanese design principle of light and dark.  The Yin and Yang symbol is probably the most recognizable example.  Before teaching art, I had never heard of Notan, but thanks to Pinterest and YouTube, I got to learn about it and then got to teach it to my third graders.

Continue reading “Notan Paper Cutting”

Third Grade Experiments with Color

Continue reading “Third Grade Experiments with Color”

Third Grade: Mexican Folk Art Mirrors

Continue reading “Third Grade: Mexican Folk Art Mirrors”

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