Second Grade Finishes Year with James Rizzi

I have done this lesson over the last few years during the last days of school. It’s a great way to involve some low-key drawing with different media and the results are pretty awesome.

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Second Grade Explores Fiber Arts


  1. The creative art of making wall hangings, sculpture, etc. out of thread, yarn, rope, etc., often by using multiple techniques for weaving or knotting the materials.
  1. Handcrafted work, as sweaters or comforters, made by knitting, weaving, etc.

Fiber Arts is one of the oldest art forms in human existence. Dating back 100,000 – 500,000 years ago, it was utilized predominantly out of utility, often showcasing skill, decoration, and sometimes status. Fast forward to the 20th century; the art form takes shape as a medium of Fine Art.  

Source: (,a%20medium%20of%20Fine%20Art.

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Learning Some Drawing Skills

Second grade is the oldest grade I work with this year so I’m trying to stretch them as much as I can in the drawing area.  Learning how to draw objects is a tricky thing for small children.  I love children’s art and never ever want them to lose their imagination or creativity; so teaching them realistic drawing skills is a mixed bag.  How do they get the skills AND keep their own drawing style? Continue reading “Learning Some Drawing Skills”

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