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Bulletin Board for First Weeks of School

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I did this lesson back in October and have previously posted it under Fall with Kindergarten (last year); however, I think it deserves a revisit. The main thing I did differently on this was a thinking routine.  This routine is “I used to think/Now I think.” Continue reading “Thinking Routines and Spiders”

Stained Glass

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Keith Haring Inspired Drawings

The music teacher approached me in January and asked if I would like to collaborate on her music presentation, which would take place in March.  I am all up for working together so I jumped at the opportunity.   Continue reading “Culture and Music for Third Grade”

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Learning about Value

Third Grade Explores Weaving

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I know, only a face a mother could love, right? Usually first pictures include stringy hair for and jack-o-lantern noses.  This year, I wanted to focus on how to make our faces look a little more like us.

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