My name is Sonia Chapman.  I have been teaching art in a little compound in Saudi Arabia for four years now.  Before I became an art teacher, I worked as a classroom teacher with various grade levels.  I’ve lived different locations in the US, including Colorado, Southern California and Northern California.  I’ve lived in Cali, Colombia and my husband and I own a home in Barichara, Colombia.

Art has always been important to me, but for reasons I will not explain here, it was always put on hold.  I thought of myself as a hobbyist, a piddler, a person who acquired tons of supplies but didn’t do very much with them.  I constantly compared myself to others.  I made excuses.

I am done with excuses.  I am ready to play.  Maybe it is because I teach children that I find myself liberated from what it “should” be.  Kids live for the moment, and there is so much we can learn from them. They are filled with love and wonder. They love to learn. I am an educator, but I am first and foremost a learner.  I want to learn.

My blog is constantly changing.  It is an extension of myself and gives a glimpse into my journey.  It is very personal and pretty raw.  But, it’s here, and it makes me happy.  This is me.