When opportunity knocks, answer.

Have you ever stepped back and thought to yourself about all the opportunities in your life? How many leaps of faith did you take?  How many times you said, “Yes!”

I started this art-teaching gig eight years ago. During my interview for a classroom teacher position, I was asked if I could teach art. My mouth answered before my mind had a chance to doubt.  It was the best decision.  Now, in my eighth year as an art teacher, the school has shrunk so much in population that we no longer need me as an art teacher; but, the school needs a Makerspace teacher.  Another opportunity.  Another “Yes.”

This blog highlights my journey creating art lessons for children, creating art for myself, and creating a new Makerspace for my school.

The teaching “Teaching Art” menu is all about teaching art to children. I believe in Teaching for Artistic Behavior, a philosophy that centers around student voice, choice, and inquiry.  Students who learn in an open studio model gain more independence, confidence, and are increasingly engaged. Think about it. Aren’t you more engaged when you are given choices.  Does your engagement level go south when you are told what to do? It’s the same for children. My planning incorporates Studio Habits of Mind from Project Zero.

The “Teaching Myself” menu highlights my journey learning how to create art for myself.  I love all kinds of media, and am constantly learning.  If you are here because you want to learn how to create art for yourself, let’s chat! I have found so many resources on the Internet and I want to share ideas, struggles with you. I also want to learn from you!

Finally, if you want to learn more about my Makerspace journey, the final tab is for you.  I’m new but not so new to this journey.  Very similar to Teaching Artistic Behavior, the philosophy behind Makerspace is to enable children to learn giving them more voice, more choice, a more constructivist approach to learning. We learn more by doing. “Makers Gonna Make.”

Let’s learn on!

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