Teaching Art from the Hip and Heart

Best Sub Plan Ever

We all know how sub plans are the bane of a teacher’s life.   Continue reading “Best Sub Plan Ever”

Stained Glass

Continue reading “Stained Glass”

Piet Mondrian’s Magic

Is Piet Mondrian a great artist or what?!  He is everywhere.

I love his work because it makes me think, “I can do that!” but there are so many subtle things associated with his work that makes me rethink him over and over again.  His artwork is perfect for young children: lines, squares, primary colors.  His work also gives a springboard for mixing primary colors and experimenting with lines and shapes. Continue reading “Piet Mondrian’s Magic”

Some Perspective on Realistic Drawing

Sometimes, well, most times, kids really surprise me.   Continue reading “Some Perspective on Realistic Drawing”

Keith Haring Inspired Drawings

“An inch of effort is worth more than a mile of intention.”

Printmaking with Markers

Continue reading “Printmaking with Markers”

Georgia O’Keeffe’s Magnified Flowers

The music teacher approached me in January and asked if I would like to collaborate on her music presentation, which would take place in March.  I am all up for working together so I jumped at the opportunity.   Continue reading “Culture and Music for Third Grade”

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