Teaching Art from the Hip and Heart

Paul Klee’s Cat and Bird

An oldie but a goodie:  Paul Klee’s Cat and Bird.  I’ve seen this on Pinterest and Google a lot as a “must do” art project for students.  Last year I did Paul Klee, but we concentrated on his use of shapes and bold colors to make cityscapes and castles.  This year, we made kitties with birds on their brains.  Continue reading “Paul Klee’s Cat and Bird”


Spring Flowers

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Observational Drawing

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Hands Are Still a Hit!

Last year my friend, Melissa, and I taught a class for adults through our Teachers Teach Teachers. It was a lot of fun and good practice for what comes next – getting paid some extra play money for something I love to do, play with my gelli plate and scratch foam. Continue reading “Printmaking for Adults – Take Two”

Illustrating Stories and Collaboration

Sometimes it gets lonely in the art room.  I am the only one here who does my job.  The positives of being the one art teacher is that I have freedom from planning meetings, common assessments, etc.  Freedom, baby, yeah.

But, there’s a lot to be said for having a team. When things don’t go well you can run next door and ask for advice.  You can share your woes and triumphs because you have a team.  Your peeps.  They understand.  They’ve got your back.  I run down the halls excited about something that went really well.  People nod their heads and say, “That’s great.”  But they really don’t understand.  They don’t know the amount of work it took to get the kids to this point because they are not on my team.  Our experiences are just too different.  Right?!

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Lines, Lines, and More Lines

Every year I start off with teaching/reviewing the first element of art: lines.  Zentangles are a fantastic way to teach lines and patterns. Zentangles range from easy to complex and students get to practice adding their own twists to the designs they learn how to draw. Continue reading “Lines, Lines, and More Lines”

First Days Back in the Game

Warning: this is a long post.  Discussions of curriculum, TAB and choices are ahead. Continue reading “First Days Back in the Game”

‘Cause Baby You’re a Firework!

The biggest secret in kindergarten art is revealed: watercolors on top of crayon is magic. Continue reading “‘Cause Baby You’re a Firework!”

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